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    Ogata Koi Farm


    Manabu Ogata
    Address: 2712 Takeshima?Yasutake Kurume Fukuoka
    830-0071 Japan
    TEL: +81-942-27-2519?? ?FAX: +81-942-27-2180
    E-mail : info@ogatakoi.com

    <European Office>
    Toshi Ogata
    Address: Im?Dorner?12, 60388 Frankfurt/M, GERMANY
    TEL: +49-6109-23023??? FAX:?+49-6109-23638
    E-mail : koi@ogata.de

    History of the farm
    The farm started with 40 ares of land in 1972. The next year, one “Kohaku” and one ”?Taisho Sanshoku”??? spawned. We have exerted ourselves to expand the farming area, and increase production and qualities.
    The number of farming areas is now eight green houses, five mud ponds over 1 hectare,?three mud ponds over 3 hectares and mud pond for fry.
    There are fifteen staffs in Ogata koi farm today.
    In the meantime, we have established annual prize winning at the “All Japan Koi show”.? One of our best koi is the Grand Champion,
    “Benimaiko” of the 21st Show.
    We have been providing beautiful traditional Japanese Nishikigoi to the world.

    company_2Ogata made koi spread all over the world
    We engaged in exporting Nishikigoi in 1980. At that time, the main countries
    we exported our koi were Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and South East Asia in
    general. Since 1985, the amount of exported koi has been increasing.
    Now, we export our koi not only to South East Asia but also to Europe, America,
    and many other countries.
    Our farm is offering meeting strongly international in character every year.

    Manabu Ogata
    Born: Kurume, Fukuoka; 1955
    Career: Set his heart on studying Nishikigoi while in high school.
    After high school, he studied Nishikigoi for six years in Niigata,
    The home of Nishikigoi, and lived in the house of Ichiro Mano called
    “God of Nishikigoi”, the owner of Izumiya koi farm in Ojiya city.


    We make a studious effort to breed OGATA KOI and ship them all over the world.

    • Breeding house…No.1-8(6 ponds x 50 ton ponds and more)
    • Natural pond…5ponds x 1 hectare and more, 3 ponds x 3 hectare and more
    • Breeding ponds for fly…26ponds x 3 hectare and more


    Within the facility

    TELEPHONE: 81-942-27-2519 FACSIMILE: 81-942-27-2180

    2712 Takeshima, Yasutake-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka Pref., Japan