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    Crystal Bio


    The newest Bio-filter Medium

    suitable for 21st Century

    Crystal Bio is made from a glass substance. It has an extraordinary porous structure of light-weight ceramic, which is obtained by burning the mixture of glass substance particles and foaming agent at high temperature of 900 degrees.


    Excellent nitrification

    Excellent nitrification Crystal Bio has an extraordinary large amount of surface area because of its porous structure, which enables propagation of aerobic bacteria in it.
    Crystal Bio itself is a little alkaline and can buffer the pH of rearing water.


    Easy maintenance

    Crystal Bio is made up of small particles with a 10 to 50 mm in diameter. This small, light weight medium can fit into any filtering tank and would save a lot of trouble, filling and clearing.


    Cost effectiveness

    This product purifies the exisiting water, which means you aren?t required to use so much new fresh water to refill your pond with clean water. This will lead to a reduction of water heating cost because you will use the exisiting water.


    Comparison between Crystal Bio and plastic filter commonly used on koi farms

    crystalbio_2_e?? crystalbio_3_e


    Nitrogen derived from ammonia

    The blue line remains below 0.4mg/L level for a long time.
    This result indicates that Crystal Bio’s porous structure is superior as a habitat for microorganisms including nitrifying bacteria.


    Nitrogen derived from nitrous acid and nitric acid

    NO2-N concentration increases faster, and in greater amount, in Crystal Bio treated water than by a plastic filter. It suddenly drops after the twenty-eighth day after the beginning of the test.
    As for NO3-N concentration, it remains below 10mg/L by Crystal Bio treatment.



    The blue line shows that the pH of the rearing water treated by Crystal Bio gradually decreases and keeps the water within a weak alkaline level until the 26th day after the beginning of the test, and then is gradually acidified.



    crystalbio_7_e??? crystalbio_8_e

    crystalbio_9_e?? crystalbio_10_e








    TELEPHONE: 81-942-27-2519 FACSIMILE: 81-942-27-2180

    2712 Takeshima, Yasutake-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka Pref., Japan