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    2nd Spring Ogata Auction & Spring Tosai Sale

    Feb 9, 2016 Author:OGATA KOI FARM

    We are having a 2nd Spring Ogata Auction & Spring Tosai sale.


    • 29th Feb. – Open Sale (10:00 start)

    *Good grade Tosai 12-35cm

    • 1st Mar. – 2nd Spring Ogata Auction (10:00 start)

    *All variety Tosai 15-40cm, Nisai Tategoi about 20 pcs

    • 2nd Mar. – Open Sale (9:30 start)

    *High quality Tosai 20-40cm


    Only koi dealer can participate.

    Please ask to your nearest koi dealer if you are hobbyist.

    We look forward to seeing you!!


    TELEPHONE: 81-942-27-2519 FACSIMILE: 81-942-27-2180

    2712 Takeshima, Yasutake-machi, Kurume City, Fukuoka Pref., Japan